Improve Circulation with Better Data

Modern-day collection analysis for your library

Edelweiss Analytics goes a step further to look beyond what is in
your library to provide a bigger picture of what readers want.

Better data to help you maximize circulation.
  • See what other libraries have on their shelves
  • Real-time sales info from more than 400 retailers
  • Fits perfectly into current collection processes
  • Several analysis options to fit your needs
  • Detailed information on new and up-coming titles

Drill through multiple levels of information to find out what will create greater success for you. Look at what you have, what others have and what readers want. What you’ll find is better information based on hard evidence that makes a strong statement for the books you need.

Edelweiss Analytics exceeds expectations:

Peer Suggestions

Compare what you have to other libraries around the country

Retail Data

Sales information from the top retailers for a better picture of what people are reading

Simple Solution

Search, review, select, and purchase titles without missing a beat

Start making smarter collection decisions today. Historical data on day-one, rather than months to a year.