Books Printed on Your Timeline:
A new ordering option that offers more control
and better meets your publishing needs.


More Sales. Less Ordering Errors.

How it Works:

If you have a specific date on which you want your books made available simply enter that information in the On Sale Date field when setting up your title and we will hold off on printing until that date arrives.

Do I have to Use
the On Sale Date?

With On Sale Date, you’re in control. Any titles that you order with a future On Sale Date will have the new “Print Now” option available on the order screen. Choosing this option makes your order eligible for printing as soon as you hit “Submit,” so it’s out the door when you need it. No waiting required.

Metadata Matters

It is our top priority to give you the highest levels of control over the printing process. This means providing you with more options to better ensure your books are made available according to your sales needs, whether it’s right away or months down the road.


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