Service Alert

Preparedness is an important part of successfully managing difficult times.

We’ve seen an increase in Lightning Source title submissions from publishers in need of short run or print-on-demand solutions. We encourage this strategy for all publishers, especially as many other printers are facing temporary closures at this critical time.

If you’ve been considering setting up titles with Lightning Source, we recommend you begin that process now to help your placement in a growing queue. Use promo code LIGHTNING2020 before May 31, 2020 for free title setup and free MAF for your first year.

Please note that we are extending our current print turnaround times below for some U.S. order types as we work diligently to uphold our commitment to the publishing industry while also protecting the health and well-being of our associates.

Short Run & Drop Ship Orders

U.S. orders for paperback books are estimated to print in 5-7 business days

U.S. orders for hardcover books are estimated to print in 10-12 business days

Rush & Express orders will be temporarily unavailable as of April 24, 2020

Please check your Lightning Source account dashboard frequently for the most current business updates regarding Ingram service levels as we work toward returning to our standard turnaround times soon. All updates will be posted here.

Helpful Tips:


Prioritize print runs based on new releases, faster moving, or mission critical titles. Order now.


Add high priority titles into your print-on-demand library so that they are prepped and ready when you need them. Upload now.


Larger orders can take longer. Place these orders now.


Different book types have different turnaround times. Order now.


Titles must be in a printable format and approved for production prior to placing your order.

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