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Rewarding Independent Bookstores for doing what you do best—offering your customers unmatched service and more opportunities to find the books they want—from the most popular titles to the rarest reads.

You love books. Ingram loves books. What happens when you multiply the combined powers of that booklove? A better world for books and the people who read them, write them, and share them across the globe.

What is Booklove2 All About
This incentive program is designed to give back to the independent bookstores that are going above and beyond. Look at this as an enticement to take your passion for sharing the gifts of books and reading to the next level.

How Does It Work
When you sign up* for Booklove2 we will provide you with a goal for 2016 that will include any sales you do with us, whether it be IPS or IBC. After that there are two, well three outcomes.

You meet your goal by end of 2016
We give you back .5% of your net sales with us in credit. Remember, this includes any and all IPS orders too!

You make your goal by July 31, 2016
We give you back .5% of your net sales with us in credit, plus .5% is added to your regular discount for the rest of the year

You don’t meet your goal
We still think you’re great, but we only give out rewards when the goals are met

Booklove2 Breakdown

1. Sign up by March 31st

2. Do what you do best—get more books
into the hands of more readers

3. Get extra cash in your pocket

It’s like getting a little extra on each book you sell. And overtime that extra builds up to a nice chunk of change. Bonus: all IPS orders count toward your overall goal!

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Have more questions? Find your answers here at our FAQ.

*Qualifying stores have a standard discount (or above). Please check our Business Guide for further details.